Best Ways To Gain Followers For Business & Marketing

Certain time ago man was living a life of isolation as compared to what it is today. A person gone out of sight was considered to be gone for the time being till he appears physically before one’s eyes.  Now situation stands out to be something else other than what it used to be. Thanks to internet.  This world has become a global village owing to internet and other ways of communication apart from transportation.

Now if one fancies expanding one’s business one has to keep pace with the growing need of the hour which is nothing other than creating a growing traffic of social media followers. One can easily communicate with other sitting hundreds and hundreds of miles way though this internet thing. Thus it has shrunken the journey of success to half its original limit.


People who follow one after making their identification on any of the website are called as social media followers. Buy Instagram Followers Cheap $1 are the real key to success in business and marketing now a day. Always tracing and hence supporting others. Now a days success is measured by the parameter of followers made on social media.


On internet there are a lot of websites which are absolutely free say twitter, Facebook, instagram, you tube etc. This is social media. One can launch one’s products online; can discuss business ideas so as to let others join one in that cause without any hurdle or without being roasted by the whirlpool of publishing press.

  • One on one marketing method:

Business procedure and marketing on internet is designed on one on one method. Through this method only individual user is made aware to whatever message. But then marketers must focus to each network individually. Also one would have totally different market at you tube than on Facebook and to manage one’s approach to both leads to success.

Scheduling the tweets, tweeting contents that is enticing and connecting with one’s followers encourages one’s supporters. Then there is analytical to check the best tweeting days and time, so to follow others back can also enhance one’s marketing and so business. Then posting regularly also increases visibility. Using Twiends to find new user is key to increase one’s traffic. Users with similar interest would follow others that is most common. Making twitter bio professional represents one’s job is a best way to publicize one’s business.


Inviting friends through Facebook feature super Ninja sneaky Facebook helps for marketing one’s Facebook business page ,products, brand clicking three dot buttons on Facebook and then clicking invite friends from drop down menu is all one has to do for his marketing purpose. Prizes and give aways on routine basis helps others to have one at priority list at top of their mind.

  • You tube:

Another business enhancing tool is through you tube. Posting videos on Facebook with a link to you tube channel increases one’s subscribers. Using annotations encourages viewers to watch related videos. Marketers should interact with others by responding to and thanking the compliments and become an active part of you tube community.


What magic will happen after buying Instagram followers?

Normally people in this era don’t believe in the magic. But when you buy real active Instagram followers it is like magic. The people start communicating through the account and admire the account. Many would send a request just to keep any eye on the account posts and how the account would interact with the followers. There are many aspirants out there who want to witness the followers magic but only a few have this liberty.

Increase in Post outreach

First basic change starts with the common post outreach. In the start when a person only has family and family friends on a follower list. Before buying of the followers there almost zero to none outreach of the post.. When a person buys the followers the instant burst of the follower increase the shares and comments and likes of the post on the account. One can imagine thousand of people posting comments on the account normal and casual post. Some may even share a random post on the personal account. When the people share a new set of eyes view the post. The new set of eyes might like the post and end up following the account. This outreach can only be achieved through the magic of buying the followers.

Follower engagement

When there is a large number of followers following an account. They are always interested in his post. Since the person is the center of the attention. This directly increases the engagement of followers with the account post. They would interact with the genuine concern. Some might interact to gain their own followers as other people commenting theirs have the same niche of the topic. Some just want to come in the spotlight of the huge follower base account. Thus there are many others reasons that happen with Buy Instagram Followers.

Potential business increase

Those business accounts which are just starting need a huge follower base for expanding their business. This can be done only through only buying Instagram followers. Many business chains which are multinational now started with purchasing the followers. They are still growing with the huge follower base. The followers base kicks start business product popularity. The people get to know about the product and what are different benefits of the product. The huge followers base can also help in expanding the account product popularity by sharing the product on their walls. They can praise the product also on the post they share.

Maximum Response

The magic of Buying Instagram followers will increase with the time no matter the quantity of the followers. The post outreach will gather maximum response through the followers. The follower engagement also increases when the user will understand the timing when his follower is active maximum. Smalls things like timings matter a lot when a person has huge follower base. The owner of the account does have to notice the timing of the followers when their engagement is maximum.

This is the magic buying the Instagram followers.

MENA (The Middle East and North Africa)


MENA is basically the Middle East and North African region. MENA covers vast region starting from Morocco to Iran and Middle Eastern countries. The total population of MENA region is around 381 million; it makes the total 6% of the world’s population. This acronym is mostly used in academics, by disaster teams, military planning’s and especially in business writing.

MENA’s economy

It encompasses around 22 different countries of the Middle East and North Africa. It accounts for world’s 6% of total population, 60% of the oil reserves, and 45% of natural gas reserves. It is known to be the main source for world’s economic activity due to the presence of substantial amount of natural gas and petroleum. These are the two most important reserves MENA is being blessed with which makes it an important reason for economic stability.

For the past few decades, the countries of MENA have brought some reforms for implementation to light to make progress in economic stability and openness. This will positively affect the diversification and the development of private sectors. The reforms presented by them include MENA-OECD Initiative on the governance and competitiveness for development.  This initiative leads to the promotion of broad economic reforms that will benefit the investment climate, will modernize the structure of governance and operations, will strengthen the partnerships between regions and international parties, and will promote the sustainability of economic development across MENA and other parts of the world.

Religion and ethnicity

As it shares the Middle Eastern and North African countries, these places are most populated by Muslims. So Islam is the main religion being followed by the people of MENA region. Out of the total population, 91.2% of the people are Muslims. It shares the 23% of the total Muslim population.

Most of the countries that are part of MENA region are Muslim countries except for Israel where Islam is not being followed. Some other countries with religion other than Islam are Cyprus, Armenia, and Georgia.

Conflicts faced by MENA

The rich resources and combine location with three continents makes MENA more prone to conflicts. The three continents it shares its location are Asia, Africa, and Europe. Rich resources and location have made it more prone to conflict after the fall down of Ottoman Empire. The creation of Israel which is the only Jewish state in the Arab world and Muslims has given rise to terrorism. The major proves of that are Israel and Palestine conflict, the Iran, and Saudi Arabia proxy conflict and the conflict between Berbers and Arabs.  In the 21st century, such conflicts have reached to their [peaks. The major incidents since then include the intervention of US  in Iran in 2003, Arab spring which was the main reason behind a war in the region of Syrian, Libyan and Yemeni civil wars, not to

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How much preference do Arab world give to education

The process of honoring skill in learning is education. Education is important to every region. It can make the country to be successful. Education is a path that put the individual on the road of life to walk. An educated person can be notable from the distance that’s why educated person is given more importance than the uneducated.

The Arab world is giving more preference to education because they know a well-educated country can go so far with success. Educated people would run the country economically good. They have sense and knowledge about everything.

 Education preference and the Arab world:

The Arab world gives preference to education because they know it is important for every person. A well-educated person is always one step ahead of an uneducated person. They know that education can better understand the hardships of life.

When problems faced by uneducated people, the problem demoralize them. The educated man always strive towards the better end.

 Different policies of education in the Arab world:

Arab students are not ready to take on global studies. They have their own standards and fits. The Arab world has specific criteria to each student. The Arab countries have major differences of urban and rural whereas other countries don’t have. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t have high standards schools. That’s the reason they have different policies on education.

There are some school and colleges in Arab world having standards of International level. From this, you can understand how much preferences they give to education by offering different policies.

They are giving so many preferences to education, taking many big steps to increase education standards and to educate everyone in the Arab world.

They participate in international study evaluation program, to note that what are the problems of education and how they can correct them and increase the literacy rate. Building new schools so that students who live far don’t need to walk miles to reach school, building a school near to them so that they can get an education and in future help the country to be more successful.

Teachers training:

They are giving so much attention to teachers quality of teaching and their lifestyles. They think the way teacher will teach them to have a great impact on the student. Some students admire teacher so their standard should be high and also good in spoken. Special training is being arranged to make the teacher perfect. Trained them to create a creative, joyful environment and give the student freedom to ask questions. A healthy environment will make the student more intellectual and creative.

Main reason the Arab world giving preference to education is they know an educated person can do anything. A skilled labor works quickly and easily with new technology, and that can be beneficial for the country. They know that today’s student can be tomorrow great businessman, economist and traders can take the country to the top of success.


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Top Universities for Education In Arab World

Education in Arab World

King Fahd University:

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals has been ranked first in the Arab region. King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals is ranked 199 in the world ranking. It was established in 1963, located in Dhahran the center of the oil industry, Saudi Arabia. It is well-known for its engineering and science programs. More than 8000 students are enrolled in this university, and it is ranked best for nine subjects. 50 positions are for minerals and engineering and 150 for mechanical and chemical engineering. As in some case of universities in Saudi Arabia, King Fahd University also accepts only male students.

American University of Beirut:

This university is ranked as second in the Arab region and 1st among the Lebanese universities. It was built in 1866. The American University of Beirut is a private institution and conducts its teaching in English. This university has colluded with many oversea universities. The American University of Beirut has 8400 students, and 1700 are international students. ABU offers 130 programs.

King Saud University:

King Saud University was established in 1957 in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. It is ranked 237th in the overall world ranking. It is the oldest universities in Saudi Arabia and was founded to meet all the educational and professional needs of the country. King Saud University offers program both in English and Arabic and also accept the female students in their university. King Saud University is the largest university with 65000 students and offers a broad range of programs. It ranks best for 11 subjects, including 150 positions for pharmacy and pharmacology.

King Abdulaziz University:

King Abdulaziz University is located in Jeddah city of Saudi Arabia. This university was designed by English architecture John Elliott and was named after the founder of Saudi Arabia. This University has 82000 students enrolled and has sperate campuses for girls and boys. Offers both graduate and postgraduate programs, and also offer distance learning programs.

Cairo American University:

American University in Cairo is ranked 5th in the Arab region. It was founded in 1919 in Cairo, Egypt. I conduct teaching in English and also have students from 60 different countries. This university also offers both graduate and post graduate programs. The University of Cairo uses liberal art approach and boast the largest English library in Egypt. This university has achieved top 100 positions in the world ranking for developmental studies.

United Arab Emirates University and Education In Arab World:

This University is the oldest university in U.A.E. It was founded in 1976. This University has 14000 students, and 80 percent of the students are the females. The United Arab Emirates claims to have the largest electronic resources with having 170,000 e-books.

University of Jordan:

The University of Jordan ranked 8th among the Arab region. This university is the largest and oldest university and was build in 1962. This university has achieved a three-star rating in QS Stars University ratings. Around 38000 students are enrolled at this university. This university has a global look at education, with offering a wide range of programs.

These are the best top universities for Education In Arab World.

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How to do company setup in Abu Dhab

company setup in dubaiIf you have the workable business plan and want to start in the world’s growing market than Abu Dhabi is the right place to establish. If you are planning to start a business in Emirates or opening branch of a company outside the country, procedures are flexible.

In most cases, only a few days are required to complete the procedure. To do company set up in Abu Dhabi, you should firstly understand legal and practical requirements so there is less risk and you also have to know about their culture and especially laws and procedures. Company setup in Dubai is another choice for business owners giving them one good option.

When you think of a company set up in Abu Dhabi, you have to decide whether to set up on the mainland or in a free zone. Same for business setup in Abu Dhabi.

 To do company setup in Abu Dhabi or company setup in Dubai, here are some key steps to follow:

To set up the company in Abu Dhabi or Dubai involves six steps, these should be followed by every person.

Economically determining:

The first step is to obtain the license, exact nature of business should be identified. The rules, conditions, everything plus fees is different for every business, based on type and nature of it.

Legal forms to fill:

There are several legal forms that are appropriate for the nature of the business, such as establishment, Liability Company. To each legal form and type of ownership different rules and regulation are applied.


Trade name registration is also a step to follow. After selecting the activity and legal forms of business, a trade name which is different from other companies should be selected.

Obtaining approval:

The initial approval enables the investor to proceed with formalities of business license, and approach authority to get approval for the required business activity. For the foreign investor (GDRFA) is compulsory. The owner can visit DED and relevant authorities to see if the site meets the conditions which are suitable for the activity type you have chosen.

Approvals from applicable authority:

After getting initial approval which designates that investor can now approach relevant authority, he can visit to have approval and fulfill requirements.

Business license:

After having approval from relevant authority, the investor can go to the department of economic development, fulfill basic requirements and pay for starting business license.

The license is issued by many authorities in Abu Dhabi including vocational license, agriculture license, professional license, tourism license and industrial license.

Membership of chamber:

There is law in Abu Dhabi that requires all national and foreigners those engaged in any activity such as vocational, industrial, whether they are individual or companies should be the member of Abu Dhabi Chamber.

Free Zone Abu Dhabi:

Free Zone allows the entrepreneur to own company wholly. There no requirements of partner. Local business in Abu Dhabi has restriction, so free zone deals on international business trade. Free zones issue license for commercial trading, consultancy, and branch of any foreign company.

These steps you should follow for company setup in Abu Dhabi or company setup in Abu Dhabi. Rules and regulations are very strict in these areas; everyone has to follow it. Without following them or any mistake in it can be a reason for not issuing your business license.

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A rehabilitation project was launched Launch for the pond of El Oulfa in

awesome - casablanca

The Lydec foundation, the Hay Hassani district prefecture, and the Des Paysages-Labib office have signed a partnership agreement on January 12, which signifies the launch of the project to rehabilitate the pond of El Oulfa in Casablanca formerly known as “Etang Schneider” with a total area of nine hectares.

This project involves the reinforcement of urban planning equipment, through the installation of public lighting and wastewater treatment facilities, the development of socio-cultural and sports facilities, improving the dynamism in the spaces, as well as the creation of a center for environmental education.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, with the redevelopment of the pond in El Oulfa, more visitors will be enticed to spend their time with their friends and family. With the introduction of improved facilities, the people will receive a holistic experience and will be able to provide better services than before. This will not only appeal to the adults but also to the children as it will have a cleaner and organized surroundings and areas where people can socialize and learn.

The facilities in El Oulfa, Casablanca will have the allure to attract the tourists coming from different parts of the Kingdom as well as those from outside the country. The tourists will find the area pleasant and serene as they spend their personal time or quality time if they are not alone.

The Lydec Foundation is committed to providing financial support for the landscape studies of the project and its surroundings which include its ecological garden, banks, and so on.

Lydec has supported the project since its inception. It has been working for several months on a program of actions to improve the control of inputs from the three wastewater collectors in the area.

To this end, various actions are being deployed or are underway, such as the construction of interception stations to prevent the dumping of illegal wastewater into the pond’s water, the installation of a flow measurement analysis system on the main collector to quantify the flows discharged into the pond during the rainy season, and the monitoring of water quality on a dozen points of the water.

With regards to the role of “Des Paysages-Labib” in the development of the project, it will complete the studies mentioned, and propose a landscaping of the cliff, while responding to the specific context of the site, from a social, climatic or environmental point of view. Studies will also concentrate on the redevelopment of the garden in the area which is situated between the pond and the headquarters of the Hay Hassani district territory, as well as the creation of a landscape wall barrier of the pond.

In this context, a diagnostic study on the ecological status of the pond was undertaken. Inaugurated in partnership with the Hassan II University in Casablanca, it was completed at the end of 2016 to carry out analyses of the water quality of the pond and a bathymetric survey to measure the depth of the water and to determine the nature of the pond reserves.

The signing of this agreement is part of the “Sustainable Development Action Plan, PADD 2020.

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