How to do company setup in Abu Dhab

company setup in dubaiIf you have the workable business plan and want to start in the world’s growing market than Abu Dhabi is the right place to establish. If you are planning to start a business in Emirates or opening branch of a company outside the country, procedures are flexible.

In most cases, only a few days are required to complete the procedure. To do company set up in Abu Dhabi, you should firstly understand legal and practical requirements so there is less risk and you also have to know about their culture and especially laws and procedures. Company setup in Dubai is another choice for business owners giving them one good option.

When you think of a company set up in Abu Dhabi, you have to decide whether to set up on the mainland or in a free zone. Same for business setup in Abu Dhabi.

 To do company setup in Abu Dhabi or company setup in Dubai, here are some key steps to follow:

To set up the company in Abu Dhabi or Dubai involves six steps, these should be followed by every person.

Economically determining:

The first step is to obtain the license, exact nature of business should be identified. The rules, conditions, everything plus fees is different for every business, based on type and nature of it.

Legal forms to fill:

There are several legal forms that are appropriate for the nature of the business, such as establishment, Liability Company. To each legal form and type of ownership different rules and regulation are applied.


Trade name registration is also a step to follow. After selecting the activity and legal forms of business, a trade name which is different from other companies should be selected.

Obtaining approval:

The initial approval enables the investor to proceed with formalities of business license, and approach authority to get approval for the required business activity. For the foreign investor (GDRFA) is compulsory. The owner can visit DED and relevant authorities to see if the site meets the conditions which are suitable for the activity type you have chosen.

Approvals from applicable authority:

After getting initial approval which designates that investor can now approach relevant authority, he can visit to have approval and fulfill requirements.

Business license:

After having approval from relevant authority, the investor can go to the department of economic development, fulfill basic requirements and pay for starting business license.

The license is issued by many authorities in Abu Dhabi including vocational license, agriculture license, professional license, tourism license and industrial license.

Membership of chamber:

There is law in Abu Dhabi that requires all national and foreigners those engaged in any activity such as vocational, industrial, whether they are individual or companies should be the member of Abu Dhabi Chamber.

Free Zone Abu Dhabi:

Free Zone allows the entrepreneur to own company wholly. There no requirements of partner. Local business in Abu Dhabi has restriction, so free zone deals on international business trade. Free zones issue license for commercial trading, consultancy, and branch of any foreign company.

These steps you should follow for company setup in Abu Dhabi or company setup in Abu Dhabi. Rules and regulations are very strict in these areas; everyone has to follow it. Without following them or any mistake in it can be a reason for not issuing your business license.

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A rehabilitation project was launched Launch for the pond of El Oulfa in

awesome - casablanca

The Lydec foundation, the Hay Hassani district prefecture, and the Des Paysages-Labib office have signed a partnership agreement on January 12, which signifies the launch of the project to rehabilitate the pond of El Oulfa in Casablanca formerly known as “Etang Schneider” with a total area of nine hectares.

This project involves the reinforcement of urban planning equipment, through the installation of public lighting and wastewater treatment facilities, the development of socio-cultural and sports facilities, improving the dynamism in the spaces, as well as the creation of a center for environmental education.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, with the redevelopment of the pond in El Oulfa, more visitors will be enticed to spend their time with their friends and family. With the introduction of improved facilities, the people will receive a holistic experience and will be able to provide better services than before. This will not only appeal to the adults but also to the children as it will have a cleaner and organized surroundings and areas where people can socialize and learn.

The facilities in El Oulfa, Casablanca will have the allure to attract the tourists coming from different parts of the Kingdom as well as those from outside the country. The tourists will find the area pleasant and serene as they spend their personal time or quality time if they are not alone.

The Lydec Foundation is committed to providing financial support for the landscape studies of the project and its surroundings which include its ecological garden, banks, and so on.

Lydec has supported the project since its inception. It has been working for several months on a program of actions to improve the control of inputs from the three wastewater collectors in the area.

To this end, various actions are being deployed or are underway, such as the construction of interception stations to prevent the dumping of illegal wastewater into the pond’s water, the installation of a flow measurement analysis system on the main collector to quantify the flows discharged into the pond during the rainy season, and the monitoring of water quality on a dozen points of the water.

With regards to the role of “Des Paysages-Labib” in the development of the project, it will complete the studies mentioned, and propose a landscaping of the cliff, while responding to the specific context of the site, from a social, climatic or environmental point of view. Studies will also concentrate on the redevelopment of the garden in the area which is situated between the pond and the headquarters of the Hay Hassani district territory, as well as the creation of a landscape wall barrier of the pond.

In this context, a diagnostic study on the ecological status of the pond was undertaken. Inaugurated in partnership with the Hassan II University in Casablanca, it was completed at the end of 2016 to carry out analyses of the water quality of the pond and a bathymetric survey to measure the depth of the water and to determine the nature of the pond reserves.

The signing of this agreement is part of the “Sustainable Development Action Plan, PADD 2020.

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