MENA (The Middle East and North Africa)


MENA is basically the Middle East and North African region. MENA covers vast region starting from Morocco to Iran and Middle Eastern countries. The total population of MENA region is around 381 million; it makes the total 6% of the world’s population. This acronym is mostly used in academics, by disaster teams, military planning’s and especially in business writing.

MENA’s economy

It encompasses around 22 different countries of the Middle East and North Africa. It accounts for world’s 6% of total population, 60% of the oil reserves, and 45% of natural gas reserves. It is known to be the main source for world’s economic activity due to the presence of substantial amount of natural gas and petroleum. These are the two most important reserves MENA is being blessed with which makes it an important reason for economic stability.

For the past few decades, the countries of MENA have brought some reforms for implementation to light to make progress in economic stability and openness. This will positively affect the diversification and the development of private sectors. The reforms presented by them include MENA-OECD Initiative on the governance and competitiveness for development.  This initiative leads to the promotion of broad economic reforms that will benefit the investment climate, will modernize the structure of governance and operations, will strengthen the partnerships between regions and international parties, and will promote the sustainability of economic development across MENA and other parts of the world.

Religion and ethnicity

As it shares the Middle Eastern and North African countries, these places are most populated by Muslims. So Islam is the main religion being followed by the people of MENA region. Out of the total population, 91.2% of the people are Muslims. It shares the 23% of the total Muslim population.

Most of the countries that are part of MENA region are Muslim countries except for Israel where Islam is not being followed. Some other countries with religion other than Islam are Cyprus, Armenia, and Georgia.

Conflicts faced by MENA

The rich resources and combine location with three continents makes MENA more prone to conflicts. The three continents it shares its location are Asia, Africa, and Europe. Rich resources and location have made it more prone to conflict after the fall down of Ottoman Empire. The creation of Israel which is the only Jewish state in the Arab world and Muslims has given rise to terrorism. The major proves of that are Israel and Palestine conflict, the Iran, and Saudi Arabia proxy conflict and the conflict between Berbers and Arabs.  In the 21st century, such conflicts have reached to their [peaks. The major incidents since then include the intervention of US  in Iran in 2003, Arab spring which was the main reason behind a war in the region of Syrian, Libyan and Yemeni civil wars, not to

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